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Lissy Trullie + The Virgins, Schubas, 1/29/09

First of all, thank you guys so much for all the sweet comments and for checking back with us as we get this thing off the ground. Though we don't always reply, we do always appreciate every single thing you have to say.

Second: Schubas has always been one of favorite music venues. The Virgins has always been one of our favorite love-to-hate bands. When the two come together, attendance is inevitable. We love Schubas' old-time photo booth -- though it takes "7 minutes" to develop and print the pictures (thus causing me to get irrationally worried about missing any sort of musical endeavor), the outcome is always totally worth it. We took a hundred pictures from this night that we'll put up this weekend to showcase the full outfits, but for now, we'll leave you with us acting a fool.


Anonymous said...

You are sooo cute! =)

Flashes of Style said...

You two are so pretty!

Hippy Chic said...

pretty pretty!.!.! Love your blog & style. Rock on.

jess s.