We all have to fund our habits somehow, don't we? I'm selling a few things from my closet to yours on ebay right now. This is only the beginning, there will be more to come in the future!




scans by durban
"There's no one worth our time here," she'd say, draining her drink, and we'd leave the maraschino-poison-cherry-red vinyl booth and the walls hung with dead movie-stars, our pockets stuffed with the crispy fried noodles and fortune cookies they served.We'd drop crumpled fortunes on guys' plates on the way out and laugh; none of them were our love-boys."


new in town.

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hello lovelies!

we've been away, but it's hard to operate when you're in two different parts of the country. while kellyn is off enjoying spring break in california, i have been sleeping and watching woody allen movies and prolonging my netflix queue with creepy cultish movies (beyond the valley of the dolls, ladies and gentlemen the fabulous stains, desperate teenage lovedolls, death proof?!) that i am mildly uneasy to watch by my lonesome. the weather here keeps teasing with bits of springtime hope before taking it back and replacing it with wind. it's cruel, really. but all the time by myself and the amazing style inspiration i've been finding in movies and my impatience to wear shorts all the time again has given me the push to finally get together my springinspiration. i am not looking to add a lot to my wardrobe just yet -- i am spending the summer studying in paris and i'm trying to pack light as to bring back more. this "trick" could be hard to prove.

color is fading. yves saint laurent arty enamel ring, h&m boyfriend blazer, wayne pyramid silk shorts, jeffrey campbell class booties, bardot stripped faux fur waistcoat, helene berman bowler hat, and silence & noise button-up jumpsuit are all on the list. toss in some vintage lightweight floral dresses, some black floral velvet tights, handmade crystal embellished tights (soon to come!) and a men's leather watch and i think i'm packed and ready to go. i wonder if shopping tomorrow will bring me back with any of the things i set out to find.

i have loads of things in my closet that i'm getting ready to sell in order to fund the aforementioned paris shopping, not to mention the lack of space in my closet... (including some neat vintage pieces, an alexander wang dress, and some luella wayfarer sunnies), so look out for that soon too!


p.s. if you have any tips or recommendations for paris, we would love to hear them because we are both visiting!


haider ackermann

Haider Ackermann F/W 2009

I've been trying to put words to Ackermann's latest collection for almost half an hour now, but they all seem to be failing me. All that needs to be said is that I am undoubtedly obsessed with his color palette, use of texture, and ability to couple a rough (and perfectly tailored) jacket over a really slinky, feminine skirt. He's always stayed just under my radar during fashion week -- I've known his name but never his designs. After this season, that fact will be true no more. Ackermann has clearly worked his way up to hero status in both me and Marissa's hearts.

In unrelated news, Daphne Guinness has officially legitimized all the shopping I've ever done at Forever 21. Here's hoping their "design team" catches wind of that second jacket pictured. A girl can dream.


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Doo.Ri F/W 09

Like Kellyn mentioned, this season was a letdown to us with names we already loved and adored. Luckily, it didn't leave us empty-handed (or without a growing wishlist of things in our heads). While some designers churned out copies of previous collections or felt like another name entirely, this gave designers lesser known or lesser loved to really catch our attention this season. Doo.Ri is a girl we've always liked (and a lot of it is because of Seamless), but this collection turned like into semi-obsession.

This collection almost makes me want to skip the summer season and head straight to autumn. I won't go that far, though, because we're currently drowning in rain and snow and deserve a little sunshine.

There was quite an overkill of fur this season at nearly every non-vegan show, which was much to my delight, though I can't say I'd be comfortable wearing the real thing. The highlight of the Doo.Ri show were the embellishments -- these touches of fur from the shoulders, crystalized lace tights, webs of jewels, tiny little intricacies that still have us coming back to swoon and come up with DIYs of how we're going to steal this look. And the most amazing thing, for me anyway, is that Doo.Ri not only managed to win me over to the group of girls who wear pants, but insane silky grey pants. And I'm a hotpants kind of girl, through and through.


Zara dress, vintage belt, vintage ring, Stacey Lapidus pyramid bangle, Mary-Kate's face her own.


jasmine di milo

Jasmine di Milo F/W 2009

First of all, this season has totally been the season of the underdog. Brands that we've adored and looked forward to seeing present for years suddenly disappointed us with too many ruffles and too little artistry (but hey, we're not naming names). This fashion cloud did have its very own silver lining, however, in the names of designers we'd stopped paying attention to seasons ago, gave up on, or never really even noticed before.

Jasmine di Milo's fall collection absolutely fits in with the latter. Marissa, in her love of all things hot pants, just turned me on to the brand. Jasmine Al Fayed, the designer, said that the collection was inspired by the changing phases of the moon; though many of the pieces aren't pictured here, they were riddled with three-dimensional sequin structures, intricate cut-outs, and strong-shouldered jackets. I especially love the way that Al Fayed transformed what could have been "just another ball gown" into a veritable tulle masterpiece.

That last bit sounds overdone and corny, doesn't it? I know, I know -- but this is what fashion week does to me, people.


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we apologize for the mini-hiatus.

But we'll be back soon, promise.

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can i kick it?

Lykke Li - The Metro 02/07/09

Kellyn wearing Wilfred dress, F21 belt, F21 gold chains, Nevermind boots, and horn necklace borrowed from Marissa.
Marissa wearing H&M cap-sleeve vest, American Apparel leggings, F21 chains, Stacey Lapidus pyramid bangle, and H&M platforms.


hey hey donald.

Lissy Trullie

The Virgins

The aforementioned and promised follow-up. For those of you who haven't yet heard it, we are officially obsessed with Lissy Trullie's cover of Hot Chip's "Ready for the Floor," which can be found on her MySpace. Midterms and a disgusting case of the wintertime common cold has us leaving this one short, but if we didn't, all you'd really miss out on is us renaming every Virgins track to include the name Donald somewhere in it. This is the NyQuil talking.

Kellyn wearing F21 necklace, F21 bracelet, Nothing Sacred by Obesity & Speed tank, H&M blazer, and American Apparel leggings
Marissa wearing byCorpus button-up tank, F21 vest, H&M velvet hotpants, and vintage faux fur (complete with zipper) from Hollywood Mirror in Chicago


hot chip covers and more to come.

Lissy Trullie + The Virgins, Schubas, 1/29/09

First of all, thank you guys so much for all the sweet comments and for checking back with us as we get this thing off the ground. Though we don't always reply, we do always appreciate every single thing you have to say.

Second: Schubas has always been one of favorite music venues. The Virgins has always been one of our favorite love-to-hate bands. When the two come together, attendance is inevitable. We love Schubas' old-time photo booth -- though it takes "7 minutes" to develop and print the pictures (thus causing me to get irrationally worried about missing any sort of musical endeavor), the outcome is always totally worth it. We took a hundred pictures from this night that we'll put up this weekend to showcase the full outfits, but for now, we'll leave you with us acting a fool.