new in town.

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hello lovelies!

we've been away, but it's hard to operate when you're in two different parts of the country. while kellyn is off enjoying spring break in california, i have been sleeping and watching woody allen movies and prolonging my netflix queue with creepy cultish movies (beyond the valley of the dolls, ladies and gentlemen the fabulous stains, desperate teenage lovedolls, death proof?!) that i am mildly uneasy to watch by my lonesome. the weather here keeps teasing with bits of springtime hope before taking it back and replacing it with wind. it's cruel, really. but all the time by myself and the amazing style inspiration i've been finding in movies and my impatience to wear shorts all the time again has given me the push to finally get together my springinspiration. i am not looking to add a lot to my wardrobe just yet -- i am spending the summer studying in paris and i'm trying to pack light as to bring back more. this "trick" could be hard to prove.

color is fading. yves saint laurent arty enamel ring, h&m boyfriend blazer, wayne pyramid silk shorts, jeffrey campbell class booties, bardot stripped faux fur waistcoat, helene berman bowler hat, and silence & noise button-up jumpsuit are all on the list. toss in some vintage lightweight floral dresses, some black floral velvet tights, handmade crystal embellished tights (soon to come!) and a men's leather watch and i think i'm packed and ready to go. i wonder if shopping tomorrow will bring me back with any of the things i set out to find.

i have loads of things in my closet that i'm getting ready to sell in order to fund the aforementioned paris shopping, not to mention the lack of space in my closet... (including some neat vintage pieces, an alexander wang dress, and some luella wayfarer sunnies), so look out for that soon too!


p.s. if you have any tips or recommendations for paris, we would love to hear them because we are both visiting!


Anonymous said...

great blog

Big Daddy said...

i really like your guys blog, cute stye- both of you!!! and great inspiration on here!

LS said...

love your blog. And I've been eye-ing that YSL ring ever since it popped up at NAP!