Doo.Ri F/W 09

Like Kellyn mentioned, this season was a letdown to us with names we already loved and adored. Luckily, it didn't leave us empty-handed (or without a growing wishlist of things in our heads). While some designers churned out copies of previous collections or felt like another name entirely, this gave designers lesser known or lesser loved to really catch our attention this season. Doo.Ri is a girl we've always liked (and a lot of it is because of Seamless), but this collection turned like into semi-obsession.

This collection almost makes me want to skip the summer season and head straight to autumn. I won't go that far, though, because we're currently drowning in rain and snow and deserve a little sunshine.

There was quite an overkill of fur this season at nearly every non-vegan show, which was much to my delight, though I can't say I'd be comfortable wearing the real thing. The highlight of the Doo.Ri show were the embellishments -- these touches of fur from the shoulders, crystalized lace tights, webs of jewels, tiny little intricacies that still have us coming back to swoon and come up with DIYs of how we're going to steal this look. And the most amazing thing, for me anyway, is that Doo.Ri not only managed to win me over to the group of girls who wear pants, but insane silky grey pants. And I'm a hotpants kind of girl, through and through.


Zara dress, vintage belt, vintage ring, Stacey Lapidus pyramid bangle, Mary-Kate's face her own.


She's Dressing Up said...

There really were some gorgeous embellishments in this collection, and I agree about the fact that everyone is going to be DIYing them come Autumn!

cheap thrills said...

aaahhh i still have to pick up my issue !

Sol said...

the see-through details and bejeweled tights! so beautiful.
the Zara dress looks really cute on you!